MK Ben-Ari vows to hold Nazareth protest despite police ban

National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari announced that he and his supporters would carry on with plans to hold a protest calling for the ouster of the Balad Party from the Knesset in Nazareth on Sunday, despite Police chief Insp.-Gen. Yochanan Danino forbidding them to do so.
Danino said Saturday that, given the tenuous security situation in the South and the nationwide state of high alert, Ben-Ari's protest would not be allowed.
Ben Ari responded: "After the surrender in the South, it cannot be that the Israel Police will surrender in the North as well."
Ben Ari, along with right-wing activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir first sought permission to hold the protest against Balad and MK Haneen Zoabi in January. The men are the leaders of the Our Land of Israel party, a faction of the National Union, which has accused Zoabi of "persecuting IDF soldiers and cursing the State of Israel."
Zoabi was aboard the Mavi Marmara as part of the 2010 Gaza flotilla, in which IDF soldiers who boarded the vessel were attacked by passengers.