MK Shmuli: British Labor has lost its conscience under Corbyn

Labor MK Itzik Shmuli slammed UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday after Ken Livingstone, the former London mayor, became the latest member of the party to make an anti-Semitic statement. Livingstone said that Adolf Hitler had been a supporter of Zionism before he "went mad" and killed six million Jews.
"Labor under the leadership of Corbyn has lost its conscience and its common sense, and if they need history teachers to remind them which insane person fought against Britain, we are prepared to send them one on our dime," Shmuli said.
"There should be criticism of the government's policies which are leading Israel to the tragedy of a bi-national state, but the hatred for Israel is simply blinding some people.,"Shmuli added.
"If our sister party, British Labor, comes out each week with a different member making a disgusting racist comment - who needs enemies," he jested.