Noam Schalit: Gilad should be home by Rosh Hashana

Noam Schalit on Wednesday called for a swift return of his son, captive IDF soldier Gilad. Speaking at the Ashdod Port in an event dedicated to the return of Gilad, Schalit was not deterred by Defense Minister Ehud Barak's comments from the previous day, calling on the Israeli public to diminish the level of discussion on the topic. "I am telling everyone today, ahead of Rosh Hashana and the High Holidays, that Gilad should have been home already, and return before it is too late. Anyone who thinks I am wrong should correct me." On Tuesday, Barak infuriated the Campaign to Free Gilad when he told an 11th-grade student who asked if the state would ensure his security if he fell captive as a soldier not to whine.