PMO director-general wants to leave his position

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to meet with his director-general Eyal Gabai on Tuesday to try to dissuade him from resigning.
Gabai, who has served in his position for some two years, recently informed Netanyahu on his decision to leave his position. The move reportedly comes against the backdrop of the appointment of  Moshe Dayan as the new Civil Services Commissioner, against Gabai's opposition.  Gabai's opposition reportedly created tension inside the PMO.
A spokesman in the PMO said that in the meantime Gabai is "continuing in his position," and nothing final has been decided.
As director-general, Gabai is in charge of numerous economic and social issues, and chairs a number of government committees.  If Gabai does indeed quit, he would be the latest in a line of key advisors to Netanyahu who have left their jobs in the last seven months, including chief spokesman Nir Hefetz, political advisor Shalom Shlomo and National Security Advisor Uzi Arad.