‘Post’ poll finds Obama loses support among Israelis

The gap between the percentage of Jewish Israelis who consider US President Barack Obama’s administration more pro-Palestinian and those who deem it more pro-Israel rose by 10 percentage points over the past six months, according to a Smith Research poll sponsored by The Jerusalem Post.The poll found that 28% believe the Obama administration is more pro-Palestinian, 18% find it more pro-Israel and 40% call it neutral, with 14% declining to participate. A Post/Smith poll asking the same question in April found that the proportion of Israelis who called the administration more pro-Israel and more pro- Palestinian was equal at 24%.
Israelis who identify themselves as right-wing were four times as likely to deem the Obama administration more pro-Palestinian than were leftwing Israelis, at 44% to 11%.
Among left-wing Israelis, 28% said the administration was more pro-Israel and 52% said it was neutral. Among rightwingers, 15% said it was more pro-Israel and 25% said it was neutral.