Ron Prosor to UNSC: Direct talks essential to Mideast peace

NEW YORK – Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor told the UN Security Council Monday that direct negotiations and hard work will be essential to creating harmony in the Middle East. In a frank address, Prosor said that Arab countries are more prone to making excuses than peace.
“The choice before us is clear – and it has never been more critical to make the right choice for the future of the Middle East and all its inhabitants,” Prosor said. “It is time for this Council to stop ignoring the destructive forces that seek to keep the Middle East in the past, so that we can seize the promise of a brighter future.”
Prosor noted that both Iran and Syria proffer “a future of more extremism, greater violence and continued hate. Their vision will not liberate human beings, it will enslave them. It does not build, it destroys.”