Saudi bombmaker key suspect in Yemen cargo bomb plot

The US has targeted a Saudi bombmaker as a key suspect in the mail bomb plot that targeted two Chicago synagogues, according to a US official, Reuters reported Sunday.
Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, who tops Saudi Arabia's terrorism list, was believed to be working with al-Qaida's Yemen based branch.
There were indications that Asiri may have been the bombmaker in a Christmas Day 2009 attempt to bomb a US airliner, as well as for an attempt on the life of Saudi counter-terrorism chief Prince Mohammed bin Nayef last year. Asiri's brother was killed as a suicide bomber in the latter attack.
Both attacks, as well as at least one of the Chicago-bound parcels, involved the use of the highly potent explosive, pentaerythritol trinitrate (PETN).
US authorities are looking closely at Asiri because of his expertise in bombmaking.