Soldier among ten arrested for stealing and selling weapons stolen from the IDF

An IDF soldier and nine other suspects were arrested Sunday night in a joint police and military police operation against the trade in firearms stolen from IDF bases, the Tel Aviv police announced Monday.
Police said the ten suspects were part of a crew that worked to steal firearms and other weapons stolen from IDF bases in Israel and sell them to buyers from the Israeli underworld.
Tel Aviv Police Chief Bentzi Sau said Monday that operations like this “are essential in the fight against terrorism and organized crime."
IDF bases and weapons depots have long been a main source of firearms for the Israeli black market. This past year high-ranking officials from the Israel Police have pointed the finger at the army, saying that they have not done enough to stop the phenomenon and that the vast majority of explosive ordnance used in the making of car bombs used by Israeli criminals were making their way to the street after they were stolen from the IDF.