Source: Finance c'tee adds fuel to fire in coalition talks

A Bayit Yehudi source revealed Tuesday that the allocation of the Education Ministry was not the only sticking point in coalition negotiations but that the Knesset Finance Committee had also become a source of conflict.
This is a demand that the party made several days ago that has not been met. Bayit Yehudi sources said that "in order to meet our promise of economic reforms and to disperse the concentration, we need to have the ability to beak down barriers and the committee will give us the tool do so."
The Bayit Yehudi MK likely nominated for the role is Nisan Slomiansky, while in Likud-Beytenu MK Faina  Kirschenbaum - who has been promised a ministry - is the likely candidate for the position, and in Yesh Atid Ofer Shelach.