Ten charged with planning terrorism in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan's military court convicted 10 men charged with plotting terrorism attacks and sentenced them Monday to prison terms ranging from 15 years with hard labor to life behind bars.
The indictment says the defendants — who are Jordanian and Palestinian — planned to kidnap intelligence officers, attack local liquor stores and vehicles carrying supplies for US troops in neighboring Iraq.
The men, according to the indictment, also wanted to negotiate with the Jordanian government the release of a female Iraqi suicide bomber convicted of taking part in fatal 2005 triple hotel bombings in Amman.
The hotel attack, which killed 60 people, was claimed by al-Qaida in Iraq. The women, Sajida al-Rishawi, was arrested in Jordan and sentenced to death by execution. Her sentence is under appeal.
The group's alleged mastermind, Nabil Mohammed Amer, was sentenced to life imprisonment while the rest got 15 year sentences. The court said that unlike Amer, the others did not possess automatic weapons to be used in the planned attacks. The verdict can be appealed.