Truck driver that killed 6 could face manslaughter charges

The driver of a full-trailer truck that hit nine vehicles in Nesher Wednesday killing 6 people and injuring 16 could face charges of manslaughter and reckless driving, it emerged on Thursday.
At the Haifa Magistrate's court on Thursday, police submitted a request to keep the driver in custody for an additional seven days, due to what they suspect was reckless driving that led to the wrongful death of the six victims. This is based partly on the initial investigation which has found evidence that the trailer was loaded well over its limit.
The driver, who has 17 tickets on his driving record, is believed to have lost control of the vehicle after its brakes went out going down Bar-Yehuda street in Nesher.
The court approved the police request, extending the remand of the driver by seven days. The hearing for the driver was held in absentia, as he is still being treated at a Haifa hospital for his injuries.