US insists Arab states not demand Israel to sign NPT

The US envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday insisted Arab countries withdraw a resolution which called for Israel to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and said it would transmit a negative signal to current peace talks, Reuters reported.
Focusing so closely on Israel, may put the 2012 Egyptian-proposed conference, on eliminating weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, at risk, explained Glyn Davies, US ambassador to the IAEA.
"We need to send a positive impulse to that broader peace process, not a negative one," he said to reporters at an IAEA 35-nation governing board conference.
"In order for 2012 to succeed all countries have to show up ... right now there is one country that has very little incentive to do that because of the way they are being made a pariah in this process," Davies added.
"We have been working with the Arab League but also other partners to urge them to withdraw the Israeli nuclear capabilities resolution to spare the (IAEA assembly meeting) another fight," the envoy explained.
This year's 151 country IAEA meeting will take place on September 20.