Vilna'i complains to Knesset chairman after office stormed

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i sent a letter to Knesset Chairman Reuven Rivlin Monday complaining that his office had been barged into. Vilna'i was in his office when he heard loud knocks on his door. Several moments later, the door was opened and Prime Minister Office Director General Eyal Gabai and Government Secretary Zvi Hauser entered, accompanied by a representative of the Knesset Guard, who apparently held the magnetic card essential to opening MKs' doors. "No words are necessary to describe the bullying act of breaking into the office of a member of Knesset and deputy minister without permission, as well as the constitutional and legal ramifications of such an act regarding the relations of the legislative and executive authorities," Vilna'i wrote. "I regret the fact that the Knesset Guard cooperated with this act, but think that in their case, reminding them their duties is sufficient." The PMO said in response that "the deputy minister's complaint does not reflect reality, as the person who opened the door of his own volition was the representative of the Knesset Guard, and he acted in this way after the deputy minister did not answer his door."