Zandberg: 'Netanyahu preparing for civil war just to get reelected.'

Tamar Zandberg, an MK from the Democratic Union party spoke at an event on Saturday, responding to recent occurances of right-wing violence and warned of an attempt by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stir chaos nearing Tuesday's election.
"Today at a different speaking engagement in Netanya, Yair Golan, a premier member of the DU, was attacked by a right wing activist. Yesterday, in Jerusalem, DU volunteers were attacked. I would like to give a word of caution from violence in the coming days, including on election day itself. We feel there is a spirit of command emanating from Prime Minister Netanyahu, one that has a clear motive for spreading chaos and unrest."
Zandberg also commented on a meeting Netanyahu had with Likud officials on Saturday, saying "Netanyahu's miserable spin claiming an attempt to 'steal the election' from him has reentered our lives a moment before the ballots open. We cannot take this spin lightly. Netanyahu is challenging Israeli democracy with a Prime Minister who has proven there are no red lines he's unwilling to cross to get reelected. Netanyahu is already stocking canned goods in his house for a future civil war just to keep his seat."

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