Exigent Capital Group joined by Ambassador Ron Dermer

Ron Dermer is the Israeli ambassador to the US who helped realize the Abraham Accords.

(photo credit: EXIGENT CAPITAL)

Ambassador Ron Dermer, who played a central role in deepening US-Israel ties and achieving the breakthrough Abraham Accords during his tenure as envoy to the US from 2013 to 2021, has joined Jerusalem-based investment firm Exigent Capital Group as a partner.

In his new role, Ambassador Dermer will focus on deepening and broadening Exigent’s relationships with strategic partners around the world, building on the success of the Abraham Accords to further develop partnerships in the Gulf region and expanding the firm’s activities to include a multi-family-office and wealth management platform.

“I’m excited to join Exigent and its remarkable leadership team, a group that has quickly built a reputation as savvy investors with the skill needed to spot opportunities in complex situations and the patience and determination to realize those opportunities,” said Dermer. “I am also looking forward to working closely with Exigent’s deep bench of investors and partners, helping the firm double down on its mission to provide the highest level of value, service and opportunities to its clients.”

Dermer is considered one of the most consequential ambassadors during his tenure, having worked with US counterparts on securing long-term military assistance and missile defense funding for Israel, moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, attaining US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, implementing maximum pressure against Iran, and achieving the historic Abraham Accords and the normalization of Israel’s relations with several Arab nations.

Dermer is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the bilateral relationship between Washington and Jerusalem, and the central role it should play in securing the vital interests of the democratic West in the 21st century.

Former US Ambassador Ron Dermer  (credit: REUTERS)Former US Ambassador Ron Dermer (credit: REUTERS)

“Following his remarkable career as a diplomat, Ambassador Dermer became a highly sought after individual by leading institutions in the private sector, and we are excited to bring his invaluable experience, strategic thinking and passion for meaningful action to our firm,” said Eliezer Brender, CEO at Exigent Capital. “His nuanced approach to complex issues resulted in meaningful landmark achievements during his tenure, and there are significant parallels to our approach to investing. We are now even better positioned to capitalize on the recent developments in the region, and to meaningfully grow our presence and impact globally.”

Exigent’s investment track record and portfolio spans financial markets as well as private investments in technology, healthcare, energy and real estate. Exigent’s vision is to position itself as a leading participant in strengthening the ties between Israel and its allies in the region and around the world.