Ron Dermer

Ron Dermer is an Israeli politician and member of the Likud Party. He currently serves as the country's strategic affairs minister.

Originally born in the United States, Dermer has served in the past as Israel's ambassador to the US.

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Wall Street Journal reveals the real reason there's no ceasefire yet

Infighting among the highest ranks in the terrorist organization Hamas has led to delays in the ceasefire and hostage release deal that is currently on the table.

Biden calls Qatari Emir as Dermer visits Washington

The US and Israel are also at odds over their visions for Gaza once the war is over, with Israel dismissing Biden administration plans for the Palestinian Authority to rule Gaza. 

How was the Israel-Hamas hostage deal signed?

A senior US official reveals the step-by-step process of signing the hostage deal, including the release of women and children.


What is Israel's endgame in Gaza? - opinion

The must be a paradigm change, because if not, what is the point of risking the lives of Israel’s impressive soldiers and the reservists who left lucrative jobs to fight for the country?

US and Israel policy aligned regarding Saudi nuclear plans - Dermer

“A civil nuclear program is one thing, a military nuclear program is the other," said

Dermer pushes IDF, Mossad chiefs to support US-Israel 'defense alliance'

Without the backing of key figures in the defense establishment, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer will struggle to advance a US-Israel defense alliance.


Bolster West Bank stability, Blinken tells Dermer amid Israel-Saudi peace talks

Israel is under pressure from the US to halt settlement activity and to provide the Palestinian Authority with economic gestures.


Ron Dermer set for Israel-Saudi peace talks in White House visit - report

Dermer's reported visit comes as Washington is in negotiations with the Saudis to bring about diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and Riyadh.

Ron Dermer and Michael Oren share similar backgrounds

Both men exemplify qualities of proud Americans and committed Zionists, men who gave up promising careers in the US, and their American citizenship, to live in and work for the State of Israel.


Two close PM advisers, ex-Mossad, NSC chiefs call for pause to legislation

As of Saturday night, over 10,000 reservists and around 1,194 air force reservists were claiming they would quit their roles if Netanyahu does not stop the reasonability clause repeal.

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