Abraham Accords

Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen is seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
Intel. minister: Iran, Turkey, Palestinians speaking against peace

“Iran never gave up from trying to achieve a nuclear weapon.”

IFCJ head Yael Eckstein and Trump's faith adviser Reverend Johnnie Moore, JPost Annual Conference
Jewish, Christian faith leaders discuss Evangelical role in UAE deal

For many Evangelical Christians, and many others in America, there is one core value that unites them – support for the State of Israel.

Morgan Deann Ortagus
Ortagus: Peace for Israel is important to US national security

Ortagus commended US President Donald Trump for taking a different approach to the old problems of the Middle East.

Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Yitzhak "Jerry" Gershon, B&W MK Michal Cotler-Wunsh, and Eugene Kontorovich
Expert panel at 'Post' conference discusses sovereignty, UAE peace deal

“We must ensure that future generations won’t need to live side by side with a hostile entity in Judea and Samaria.”

Yair Golan
Meretz MK demands debate in accords with UAE

Golan, who is a former deputy chief of staff of the IDF, said the agreements must be reviewed to guarantee that Israel kept its qualitative military advantage in the deals.

Moroccans Protest Accords by UAE, Bahrain, Israel

“The normalization deals are an attack on the Palestinian people and their cause."

Kuwait, Qatar: Guessing game of who will sign deal with Israel continues

The latest details related to Kuwait, according to posts on social media and Arabic media.

Who is betraying whom with the UAE-Israel agreement?

By normalizing relations with Israel, Iran and Turkey proclaimed, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain had betrayed the Palestinians.

The conspiracy theory of the UAE-Israel agreement

The Arab leaders who have recognized and normalized with Israel have stated they have not betrayed the Palestinians. Do they know something that we do not know?

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah bin
Was God really the peace broker on the White House lawn?

The idea of using Abraham - as opposed to any other biblical character - is that he is mutually respected by all faiths.

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