Netafim to showcase at the Jerusalem Post Morocco conference

Netafim’s precision irrigation and controlled environments solutions generate a high-quality product that is supplied to the local market.

 NETAFIM ARE leaders in drip irrigation systems (photo credit: NETAFIM)
NETAFIM ARE leaders in drip irrigation systems
(photo credit: NETAFIM)

Abed Masarwa, Vice-President of Products at Netafim, the world’s largest irrigation company and the global leader in precision irrigation solutions, will be speaking at the Jerusalem Post Group’s Global Investment Forum 2022 on Thursday, in Marrakech, Morocco. The conference is co-sponsored by its media partners Global Media Holdings in Morocco and the Khaleej Times in the United Arab Emirates.

Masarwa will participate in a panel at the conference entitled “Repairing the environment, one innovation at a time.” The company is expected to highlight its solutions for precision irrigation, fertigation and digital farming, integrating real-time monitoring, controlled environment and automated control that help farmers optimize their agricultural outputs in the face of climate change.

After more than a decade of activity in the country, Netafim Morocco has incorporated five years ago. The division has established relationships with key business partners, farms and distribution networks. 

One of the first multinational irrigation companies to invest in commercial infrastructure for the purpose of growth through knowledge transfer and R&D, Netafim was among the first companies to introduce drip irrigation to the Moroccan market. The company recently opened a factory in Kenitra, Morocco, that will be officially inaugurated in January 2023.

Netafim in Morocco

“Morocco has just experienced its worst drought in the last 40 years, propelling the need for climate adaptation technologies such as ours to the forefront,” according to Elad Levi, Vice President, Head of Middle East & Africa. 

“We have been working in Morocco for several years and have secured relationships with key decision-makers,” he said. “As industry pioneers with an in-depth understanding of the market and unrivaled agronomic expertise due to our roots in desert agriculture, we’re ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing opportunities emerging here.”

Morocco is one of the continent’s agribusiness leaders. Located close to Europe and easily accessible to other markets (half a day to the US), the Moroccan agricultural market is highly developed, substantially supported by the government, promotes sustainable practices and attracts international investments. The country’s optimal agricultural conditions enable the cultivation of a variety of crops, from orchards to plantations, field crops and high-end greenhouse crops.

Netafim’s precision irrigation and controlled environments solutions – operated by its partners in government and trade and customers across the United Arab Emirates – generate a high-quality product that is supplied to the local market. The company is also active in Egypt with farms that export products to Europe. Netafim recently expanded its distribution network and built capacity to serve the Egyptian market more extensively.

Netafim is an Orbia precision agriculture business, founded in 1965. It pioneered the drip revolution, creating a paradigm shift toward precision irrigation – which drives sustainability across the entire food chain, increases water efficiency in farming by more than 50% and promotes more environmental cultivation of crops, including reducing the number of greenhouse gases generated and the amount of fertilizer required.