These are the Israeli developments taking over cities nationwide

At MUNI-EXPO 2022, there will be an exhibit of dozens of innovative Israeli developments that are changing the lives of Israelis.

An exhibition at Expo Tel Aviv (photo credit: ROEE HABANI)
An exhibition at Expo Tel Aviv
(photo credit: ROEE HABANI)

The local government conference for innovation, MUNI-EXPO 2022, is presenting new developments for cities, whose goal is to optimize the work of municipal authorities and change the lives of Israelis, at an event next week.

The local government center will hold the local government conference for innovation for the sixth time, MUNI-EXPO 2022, between December 6-8, at the Expo Tel Aviv complex at the Tel Aviv exhibition grounds, the most effective meeting place for cooperation in local authorities which will be attended by 12,000 participants including political figures, mayors from Israel and other countries, directors of major companies in the economy and worldwide, and senior officials in the field of urban innovation.

As part of the conference, there will be an exhibit of dozens of innovative Israeli developments aimed at streamlining the work of municipal authorities and changing the lives of Israelis.

The Israeli company J.P.A, for example, has developed a product based on virtual reality technology that scans city roads and locates hazards. 

The information is immediately uploaded to the cloud directly to the municipal hotline and enables authorities to handle the hazard quickly. The work method treats many hazards such as potholes, dents, cracks and surfaces up to 10 square meters in size. The asphalt injection method produces fresh asphalt to cover the problem area. The system is mounted on a truck and can produce asphalt on the spot.

Israel Start up (credit: INGIMAGE)Israel Start up (credit: INGIMAGE)

Smart Parking Israel

Smart Parking Israel will present a carousel of parking facilities, automatic facilities that take up the space of two parking bays and are capable of accommodating up to 16 vehicles. The system is automatic and compact and can rotate in both directions in a very short time. The average time to park a car in the unique carousel is 30 seconds and the average time to take it out is about a minute.

An Israeli development, the first of its kind in the world, will also be presented. EZRaider is an innovative and narrow vehicle, adapted to difficult off-road conditions and to driving in cities with a large and dense crowd. 

It's suitable for managing emergencies in complex sites, for managing and assisting in large demonstrations and even being used as a means of rescue for security forces in field conditions

The unique vehicle is an Israeli development by Erez Abramov that includes a six-axis suspension system registered as a patent, four wheels, a low center of gravity and precise braking that ensures safety and stability.

Haim Bibbs, chairman of the local government center, said that the center has set a goal to promote and implement municipal innovation within all local authorities which they're promoting in all possible ways. 

Thanks to the adoption of technologies, he said, the authorities can save money that can be reinvested in residents, whether in education, security or other purposes.