Melisron transitions to green energy

Melisron signs agreements with the Doral Group and Shikun & Binui Energy for renewable energy at its properties.

 Ophir Sarid, CEO of Melisron (photo credit: RAMI ZARNEGAR)
Ophir Sarid, CEO of Melisron
(photo credit: RAMI ZARNEGAR)

Melisron, under the management of CEO Ophir Sarid and Chairman of the Board Liora Ofer, signed agreements with Doral Group and Shikun & Binui Energy to supply most of its power from renewable energy sources.

Melisron holds approximately 870,000 sqm of office and retail space, spread across Israel. It is considered one of the largest energy consumers in the market, with an annual power consumption of approx. 300 million kWh, at a cost of approx. ILS 100 million per year. Melisron’s power consumption is expected to increase in the coming years, in view of its increasing business activities and implementation of its growth strategy.

According to a recently-released decision of the PUA-E, starting in January 2024, consumers will be able to purchase electricity directly from renewable energy power producers. In the context of the signed agreements, starting in 2024, Melisron will gradually begin purchasing electricity directly from power suppliers and consuming power at its properties from renewable energies. Melisron will therefore become one of the first companies to use green energy, in agreements which are unprecedented in Israel in terms of type and scope, and will be entitled to I-REC [International Renewable Energy Certificate] for power consumption at its properties, under the said agreements.

Itay Banayan, Chief Business Development Officer at Melisron, said: “The global trend is moving towards reducing carbon emissions, and so too in Israel. Melisron is a one of the largest and most significant energy consumers in Israel, and as part of our implementation of ESG principles, we are proud to lead the transition to energy consumption from renewable sources, and to convert our power consumption to sources which are greener, and environmentally-friendly. The two agreements which were signed with leading companies in the energy market are the first of their kind and scope in Israel, reflecting optimal commercial terms for the parties, and which together will be make up the majority of the power consumption at our properties in the coming decade”.

Melisron was represented in the transactions by Adv. Nadav Olgan and Adv. Gal Rub, of the law firm Olgan Rub & Co.

Operating across Israel, the US and Europe, Doral Group owns hundreds of profitable solar energy projects and is in the process of building Israel's largest backlog of solar energy and energy storage projects. It also constructed Mammoth Solar, the largest solar field in the United States.

"This agreement represents a significant advancement in the field of renewable energy in Israel, and especially for Doral - the largest and leading green electricity supplier in the country," Shay Dolev, head of energy commerce, said. " It is the first sign of a broad movement among major electricity consumers to consume green electricity through Doral's electricity supplies."