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What’s the deal with fiber-optic Internet in Israel?

A country-wide rollout and somewhat-affordable plans make a lot of buzzes, but what is fiber-optic Internet, and is now the time to switch?

Indian state, Israel to work together in water project

Haryana's state government is working on renovating 18,000 ponds, creating sewage treatment plants, and promoting drip irrigation in agriculture.

Here’s everything you’re paying for at the gas pump - analysis

From VAT to Excise to Refinery Gate, there are many factors that make up Israel’s ridiculously high gas prices.

ZOOZ, Afcon pilot brings Ultra-Fast electric vehicle charging to Israel

A Dor Alon pilot could be a big step toward the wider adoption of electric vehicles in Israel

Is Jerusalem trying to fix the city's transportation, traffic issues?

But are all possible efforts really being made? The facts on the ground tell a difficult story.


US to announce initiative that will bring 4G to Palestinians by 2023

4G access could be a huge first step in the improvement of the Palestinian economy.

Jerusalem urban redevelopment: The good, the bad and the ugly

Fresh from the World Urban Forum, former Jerusalem deputy mayor Naomi Tsur has some ideas for the city’s future.

Haifa's new port - a Chinese automatic machine for shipping

INFRASTRUCTURE AFFAIRS: The latest terminal in Haifa Port is a tech marvel, and while some share concern, the benefit seems far greater than the risk

Energy Ministry, Israel Innovation Authority give grants to climate-tech startups

The organizations are supplying up to 50% of project expenses.

This Israeli woman is behind an eco-friendly shading, lighting system

The LumiWeave company comes up with an innovative green model to keep our streets cooler and brighter

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