Google's global wisdom comes to Tel Aviv

Search Inside Yourself, the mindfulness seminar born at Google that trains Emotional Intelligence skills and has been changing people’s lives across the globe.

Google (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Search Inside Yourself, the mindfulness seminar born at Google that trains Emotional Intelligence skills and has been changing people’s lives across the globe, from the US to China, will be in Tel Aviv on May 18-19.
The content of the SIY Leadership Institute Seminar is based on the study of the brain and the work of several experts in the field, including Harvard Prof. Daniel Goleman, author of 23 books since 1995 on the subject of improving lives and relationships through the development of EQ, or EI, as it is more commonly known.
As the understanding of EI augments, the assessment of an individual’s worth based solely on IQ is on its way into disuse, with skills such as empathy, listening and offering encouragement becoming more highly considered than simple ability or qualifications. The days of suffering under an unpleasant boss or negative colleague are on their way out - and have entirely disappeared from the many companies using EI measuring techniques to hire and fire.
The SIY seminar was developed by Chade-Meng Tan, a Google employee until 2015, whose daily practice of mindfulness (a simple form of meditation which requires concentration on ones breathing in order to learn to still intrusive, unpleasant and distracting thoughts) was the key to his advance from software engineer to “Jolly Good Fellow,” a title which appeared on his business cards. Meng wrote Search Inside Yourself while head of Personal Development at Google and in 2013 created the non-profit SIY Leadership Institute.
Brought to Israel by Yaakov Lehman, chief executive integrator of Wisdom Tribe - who also organized this past February’s Wisdom 2.0 event in Tel Aviv (“Wisdom 2.0 seeks to bring mindful corporate culture to Israel,” by Niv Elis, March 3, 2016) featuring top executives and managers from Google, Linked In and Facebook, as well as local professors and mindfulness experts - the SIY seminar has so far has gathered 80 attendees.
Lehman’s goal is not only to bring EI into Israeli culture, but also to build a bridge between Israeli society and Jewish values, and the wider global mindfulness community.
“What does Israel and the Jewish people have to do with this? What sort of wisdom do ancient Jewish sources have to contribute?” asks Lehman.
Answering himself, he explains that Israel has much to contribute to the wisdom beginning to be shared by the global community, at  this “incredible time in human history,” with the digital age "creating new conditions in people's private and the professional lives, which has led to a re-conceptualization of what type of culture a workplace should foster. This includes personal cultivation as well as social impact: thus the New Work Movement is born (in which people becomes more self-reliant and 'freer.')"
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