Hospital X-ray technicians return to work after labor court orders end to strike

Employers consent to court’s request that the strike stop and for the two sides sit down for serious deliberations until an agreement is reached.

Doctor [Illustrative] (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Doctor [Illustrative]
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Some 1,000 X ray and scanning technicians in public hospitals decided on Thursday to halt their weeklong strike, following an agreement reached in the Tel Aviv Labor Court.
The employers and the Histadrut labor federation consented to the court’s request that the strike – which caused serious disruptions in hospitals – stop and the two sides sit down for serious deliberations to reach an agreement.
“The X ray and scanning workers in hospitals will honor the decision of the labor court and will fully return to work. The important struggle of the workers has not ended, and on Sunday, there will be another discussion in the labor court. It’s important to note that the workers carry out a vital job and are working under impossible conditions,” the Histadrut said. “Concern for the employees is a very important prerequisite in order to improve public health in Israel.”
The workers union has argued that they perform under difficult and stressful conditions because of a manpower shortage, and that they are exposed to dangerous radiation while working.
The scanners and X ray technicians union declared a work dispute in July 2014. Nothing has happened to improve the situation since, despite discussions in recent months among the union, the Treasury and the employers. When the talks reached a deadlock, the strike was declared.