Exodigo’s newly available 3D AI imaging sensors allow for dig-free underground mapping

The new imaging technology could provide an alternative to expensive, accident-prone digs.

 Exodigo's imaging sensor (photo credit: Exodigo)
Exodigo's imaging sensor
(photo credit: Exodigo)

Following a $29 million seed funding round, 3D underground imaging company Exodigo has announced the commercial availability of its flagship product, a nonintrusive subterranean mapping platform for construction, mining and utility companies in the United States and Israel.

Exodigo’s drone- or cart-borne technology can be used to create geolocated digital maps of subterranean areas without turning soil, and it could turn over a new leaf for the construction and excavation industries by offering an alternative to expensive, accident-prone digs: according to the company’s estimates, over $100 billion is spent on excavation and drilling to discover what lies underground in an attempt to avoid hitting gas pipelines, water sources, oil, and other potential hazards hidden beneath the surface.

“Opening up visibility to what’s underground is a new superpower that will help organizations save billions, while also significantly reducing environmental damage. The combination of the two makes Exodigo a fascinating company, and I’m so excited to support such a powerful team on this kind of journey,” said Philippe Schwartz, managing partner at SquarePeg, an Exodigo investor.

“It is time to finally break ground on a safer, more sustainable and infinitely more precise method for subterranean discovery. Our powerful combination of advanced sensor technologies and proprietary AI platform provides users with a safe, fast way to get a complete view of what lies beneath the surface with unprecedented precision,” said Jeremy Suard, cofounder and CEO of Exodigo.

 Management of Exodigo (credit: Exodigo) Management of Exodigo (credit: Exodigo)

The CEO stated that Exodigo is ending the era of blind digs, by providing companies with “an accurate, easy-to-understand map of what lies beneath the surface – empowering their teams to save time, money and lives. Think of it like combining the scanning power of an MRI, CT scan and ultrasound all into one image of what is beneath the ground.”

Exodigo plans to use its newly acquired funds to continue expansion in the US, with a focus on pilot projects in California, as well as Florida and Texas in the upcoming weeks.