Introducing the Israeli AI that will help you with neck, back pains

iPlena CEO Alexander Srokovsky is a German osteopath and physiotherapist who has harnessed technology to develop an innovative diagnostic and treatment approach.

 Back pain (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Back pain
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The iPlena app uses artificial intelligence to treat back and neck pain, and to improve posture and body movement according to skeletal structure and symmetry, with the help of a range of focused exercises.

Many people suffer from back and neck pain. In fact, these aches are some of the most common types of chronic pain in the world and are caused by bad lifestyle habits like prolonged sitting, sports injuries, stress, tension and obesity. 

The structure of the skeleton and the posture, gait and running shape of the body also greatly affect the load on the joints and the muscles and their function.

iPlena app

Srokovsky’s app is a patented solution based on AI data analysis.

In the first stage, you open the app and take three photos when you’re fully clothed. The app scans the body, the shape of the posture, the proportions and symmetrical structure and points out in seconds the sources of the problems.

In the second stage the app details why there are problems and how to address them with targeted exercises.

Special exercises

In the third and final step, the app provides a schedule of personal training planning based on the data and personal physical analysis. Exercises are very short and simple.

"Our method of treatment has been developed in our clinics in Germany for six years and has already helped more than 10,000 people," said Srokovsky. 

"Last year I started developing the combination of artificial intelligence and its application as part of the diagnosis and treatment. The app provides a natural, easy and simple solution to treat the source of the problems. The app doesn't ask what hurts. Instead, it analyzes body symmetry, scoliosis, skeletal angles and more.”