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Looking for your other half? Here's how to find a good relationship

We all want to fall in love, but it's hard. What stops us from getting there, and what are we doing wrong?


New Israeli tech can detect heart condition with simple breath test

Electronic nose” (eNose) technology, developed at Haifa's Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, can detect tiny molecular changes in a patient's blood.

Can peanuts help you lose weight? New study says yes

Many won’t eat nuts because of the amount of fat and calories they contain, but a new study found that eating peanuts before a meal can lead to lower blood pressure and weight loss.

By Walla!

This antibody may protect against COVID-19 and all its variants - study

The antibody in question was easily induced in rhesus macaque monkeys and provided broad protection against not just COVID-19 and variants but other SARS viruses.

Coronavirus vaccine under development (illustrative)

Pfizer or Sinovac: Which COVID-19 vaccine booster is best? - study

A study on nearly 14 million people in Malaysia who were vaccinated with Pfizer, Sinovac or a combination of the two seems to indicate that Pfizer offers stronger protection.

Virtual image of human heart

This heart abnormality can raise your risk for dementia - study

An abnormality in the heart's left atrium known as atrial cardiopathy is already linked to stroke and atrial fibrillation, but it may be independently linked to dementia as well.


Can PTSD be diagnosed via saliva? - study

Thanks to this study, it could be possible, in the future, to use objective molecular and biological characteristics to diagnose PSTD sufferers, taking into account environmental influences.

National campaign races to find bone-marrow donor for IDF conscript

Two weeks before enlisting in the Israel Defense Forces, Cohen was diagnosed with severe blood cancer that required an urgent bone-marrow transplant from a donor.

Cancer treatment not working? Gut bacteria could be cure

Biomica is in its phase 1 clinical trial for its new cancer drug BMC128, which is expected to help patients who do not respond to immunotherapy.

How can you teach a child to blow their nose?

How can you help kids learn to clean their noses? Michal Olivero, a certified Montessori instructor, explains.

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