Israeli cybersec Sygnia selected by Indian Formula E racing team

The company will provide cutting-edge security for Mahindra as the racing team continues to carry an environmentalist torch at the racetrack

 Mahindra racing car (photo credit: MAHINDRA)
Mahindra racing car
(photo credit: MAHINDRA)

While it is certainly less-known than its sibling in Pole Position, Formula E racing – the electric vehicle-based Formula racing tournament – is certainly no slacker when it comes to utilizing big tech. Cloud computing is particularly heavily used by racing teams to gather, track and analyze data from the lab and race track alike.

All of that critical data has to be protected, so racing teams often seek out the perfect cybersecurity team to keep their data safe. Indian Formula E team Mahindra Racing has decided to go Israeli.

This week, Mahindra Racing announced its selection of the Israeli company Sygnia as its cybersecurity partner. Mahindra was impressed with the incident response and cybersecurity consulting company’s extensive experience and expertise – attributes that have netted Sygnia a host of clients, including several Fortune 500 companies.

“We are proud to partner with Mahindra Racing and bring our depth of cybersecurity experience to enhance their existing measures and maximize their cyber resilience,” said Ram Elboim, Sygnia’s CEO. “Mahindra Racing and Sygnia share a drive to push innovation and a dedication to creating a sustainable future and a safer world.”

The sole Indian team in the competition, Mahindra Racing is a founding team in the Formula E World Championship, and boasts the competition’s only certified net-zero carbon footprint. The squad’s commitment to addressing climate change earned it the first FIA Environmental Accreditation Three-Star rating.

 Ram Elboim, CEO of Sygnia and Dilbagh Gill, CEO of Mahindra Racing (credit: Menash Cohen) Ram Elboim, CEO of Sygnia and Dilbagh Gill, CEO of Mahindra Racing (credit: Menash Cohen)

“At Mahindra, we pride ourselves on pushing forward the EV technology that will create a better future for us all,” said Dilbagh Gill, CEO and team principal of Mahindra Racing. “In order to protect ourselves from cyberattacks and to improve our cyber resilience, we looked for a security partner with a proven track record. Sygnia will assess, stress test and build our ability to detect, prevent and defeat attacks while cutting through any complexities and without adding additional burden to our hard-working team.”

Sygnia branding to feature throughout 2022

The Sygnia branding can be seen on both all-electric Mahindra M8Electro Formula E race cars throughout the 2022 FIA Formula E season. Professional racing drivers Alexander Sims and Oliver Rowland will battle for victories on street circuits in iconic locations such as Monaco, Jakarta, Vancouver and London.

Sygnia isn’t the only Israeli company to make its way onto a Formula circuit. Earlier this year, Israeli cloud storage start-up Zadara was selected to serve for a second season as the official cloud supplier for Sauber Motorsport, which manages and operates the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN.

“We are ecstatic to continue our support of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN as they enter a new era,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder at Zadara. “Success in F1 requires a solid infrastructure, innovative car design, great drivers and high-performance levels across all three of these elements. By delivering cloud capabilities at the edge, Zadara is driving performance improvements through technology.”