Israeli company to implement cybersecurity system at Kentucky airport

 Technology concept with cyber security internet and networking - encrypted data (photo credit: FLICKR)
Technology concept with cyber security internet and networking - encrypted data
(photo credit: FLICKR)

Israeli company Cyber 2.0 is set to implement its Cybersecurity solution at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), the company announced this week.

In a world where rapid technological advancements have significantly improved aviation, they have also introduced new cyber threats that can jeopardize global air travel. This pressing issue has become a top priority for nations, airlines, technology providers, and the general public alike.

Airborne systems now heavily rely on advanced technological infrastructure, making engines, navigation systems, safety protocols, and communication vulnerable targets for cyberattacks. A breach of such systems could lead to the loss of control over an aircraft mid-flight.

Furthermore, cybersecurity breaches could disrupt various aspects of aviation, including passenger services, and potentially compromise passengers' personal information. Airport companies' infrastructure also represents potential targets for cyberattacks, capable of affecting the deployment and maintenance of critical aviation technologies.

Effectively responding to cyber threats in the aviation sector requires extensive cooperation among countries, airlines, technology companies, and research institutions. This collaboration is essential to ensure safe and uninterrupted air travel.

After conducting extensive research and development, Cyber 2.0, a leading cybersecurity company, has unveiled a groundbreaking concept that includes mapping all cybersecurity risks at airports worldwide. Additionally, the system analyzes abnormal activities occurring within the digital infrastructure of airports. This innovative system not only identifies potential risks but also prevents real-time cyberattacks on these infrastructures.

"From the moment we presented the capabilities of our system to the airport personnel in Kentucky and demonstrated the unique maritime cybersecurity system developed according to the needs of Ashdod Port, we started to work on developing a dedicated solution for airports worldwide,” said Shenir Rosenfeld, CEO of Cyber 2.0. “We believe that the potential in this field is enormous, and we are working to position Cyber 2.0 as the ultimate solution for preventing cyberattacks at airports and seaports worldwide."

Cyber 2.0 has recently been selected by the Bird Foundation to collaborate with the Kentucky-based CVG Airport on implementing their cybersecurity solution across all airport systems. The 18-month project aims to provide this cutting-edge solution to airports worldwide upon completion.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the partnership between Cyber 2.0, CVG and the Bird Foundation marks a significant step toward ensuring the cybersecurity of airport systems globally, setting a precedent for the importance of global cooperation in countering emerging cyber threats in critical infrastructure sectors.