Internet of Things: More buzz than bite? Study finds slow uptake

A new survey finds that leading tech companies are relying less on technology designed for gathering and connecting data from range of different devices.

Youth and Hi-tech in Israel (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Youth and Hi-tech in Israel
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
The Internet of Things--the name for connecting and gathering data from all sorts of devices--is one of the big buzzwords in business these days, but even companies that think it's important aren't using it, according to a new survey.
The survey, conducted by the research department of "People & Computers" group for Plataine Technologies, found that only 26% of companies are putting IoT technologies to use. That figure is about half of the number that said IoT technology was important to their business; about 28% said they planned on incorporating the technology in the coming two years. The rest, however, saw no use for IoT.
The survey, taken among about 100 executives in the private and public sector, also found that the main obstacle people faced to incorporating IOT technology were concerns over implementing the technology and fears about cyber security.
The addition of connectivity to anything from machines to printers to refrigerators has created a web of potential vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, hence the additional security challenges around IoT technology.
"IoT is a broad field, and many organizations still do not know how to prepare for it on the practical level," said Plataine CEO Avner Ben-Bassat. Beyond the basic layer of sensors and chips, he said, a second layer of technology was necessary to collect and store the data, while a third was necessary to analyze it.
The slow uptake, he said, was a sign that there was still room for growth, not that there was a lack of interest in utilizing the technology.