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Betterseeds: Using technology to improve crop yields

Israel-based BetterSeeds has shown that better crop genetics is the key to solving the nutritional challenge of population growth.

Start-Up Nation Central to connect UAE with AgriFood-Tech startups

The initiative will facilitate both nations in addressing their food and water security challenges.


Mullets find new home in Kinneret, help preserve lake's ecosystem

Populating the Kinneret with mullets usually takes place once a year. It's done in order to preserve the lake's quality of water by maintaining a balanced population of algae.

Israeli chicken sex-change start-up wins $1m prize in NY agri-tech contest

Soos' software allows them to control the incubation process, forcing chicken embryos to change sex in the egg, mitigating the controversial practice of culling male chicks.

Israeli supermarket employs vertical farm start-up for selling produce

The new technologies eliminate the need to rely on outdoor growers and suppliers while also providing a fresher, more eco-friendly product which needs much less water and land to grow.

West Bank settlers visit UAE to lay plans for direct exports

"I could not believe that I would get to see this thing in my life. For us, brothers and sisters from both sides, from Israel and Dubai, sitting around the same table, it is a great honor."

Insijam's 'Arabist' founder helps Jews and Arabs do business

"Every Jewish person living here should know Arabic,” Levi said. “Knowing the culture of the other person is the best way to find a path into his or her heart.”

Rice trial - Maharashtra India Sept 2018

Israeli start-up enables farmers to grow crops in salty water

“The materials are completely safe and give the crops a form of ‘immunity’ from salt and also drought conditions.”

Vertical Agriculture - Fresh greens from the wall straight to the plate

There is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges of the next years will be feeding the massive growing population all over the world.

Technology makes the world go round

In the not so distant past, people used to say that money makes the world go round.

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