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Art and nano-technology beautifully converge in new museum

The Fetter Nanoscience and Art Museum at Bar-Ilan University enables visitors to wander across different buildings to access the eight displays that make up New Languages.


New nanotechnology allows the human body to generate electric currents

The research into new nanotechnology could pave the way for external energy sources in medical devices to be replaced by green renewable energy, generated by the human body.

Nanotechnology and art collide in mind-bending new Israeli museum

Interdisciplinary new museum features collaborations between scientists and artists that explore the wild world of nanotechnology


Israeli novel drug delivery system en route to FDA approval, company says

Prof. Nissim Garti, who founded Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) back in 2013, told The Jerusalem Post that his company has recently signed several new global contracts.

New nanochip reveals how immune system copes with cancer

Using nanolithography, Prof. Schvartzman, developed the unique chip with metal etchings just 10 nanometers in size.

Israeli-developed sticker that enhances mask protection is mass produced

Comprised of a nanofiber sheet, the 'Maya' sticker can be stuck on a protective mask, significantly improving its effectiveness against the coronavirus.

How did ancient people in the Carmel cut their steaks 20,000 years ago?

Inhabitants of the site of Neve Daniel on Mount Carmel produced highly effective miniaturized tools.

Quantum Dot Atoms and Molecules

Hebrew University reinvents the periodic table for artificial atoms

'In analogy to what we know from atoms, we can now combine different quantum dots ('artificial atoms') to form molecular-like structures,' says Prof. Uri Banin.

Technology makes the world go round

In the not so distant past, people used to say that money makes the world go round.

Minister of Science Akonis (right) and head of the NASA Jim Briidnstiin, July 12, 2018.

New NASA director chooses Israel for first int'l visit

NASA and the ISA will expand their cooperation, according to an official statement issued on Thursday by Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis.

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