nanotechnology research

Technology makes the world go round

In the not so distant past, people used to say that money makes the world go round.

Minister of Science Akonis (right) and head of the NASA Jim Briidnstiin, July 12, 2018.
New NASA director chooses Israel for first int'l visit

NASA and the ISA will expand their cooperation, according to an official statement issued on Thursday by Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis.

‘Landmark agreement’ signed between Bar-Ilan Institute and UN Nano Lab

At INL, 100 researchers from 30 countries conduct research in all fields of nanotechnology. Established a decade ago by the governments of Spain and Portugal, its annual budget is 100 million Euros.

Dr. David Smadja of Bar-Ilan University
Israeli Nano-drops bring simple eye fix into view

The procedure uses eye-drops to adjust the refraction of light through the cornea and can be mostly carried out from the comfort of a patient's home.

Billionaire Roman Abramovich revealed as $30m. Tel Aviv University donor

Constant growth has created a need for a newer, larger and more ambitious nanotechnology center, something that was made possible through Abramovich’s $30m. gift.

VENuS Satellite - Israel Space Agency & Israel Ministry of Science and Technology
Israeli launches world’s first flight of nano-satellites

The project has been developed by a team of researchers headed by Prof. Pini Gurfil, head of the Asher Institute for Space Research and a member of the aerospace engineering faculty at the Technion.

SEM images at different magnification of core–shell Pb@GaS nanoparticles produced by solar ablation.
Nano paves the way for advanced devices

A new development discovered by Israeli researchers can reshape the future of optoelectronics.

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University develops major advance against drug-resistant bacteria

"This may indeed be a milestone, because it opens up many opportunities for DNA manipulations of bacteria that were impossible to accomplish before.”

A scientist looks through a microscope
New Worlds: Nanoscale catalysts show ‘defects’ are useful

The process by which a catalyst accelerates a chemical reaction is key to the creation of many materials essential to daily life

Intel Core i7 CPUs, also known as Kaby Lake
Intel launches next-gen processors, developed and designed in Israel

The 7th generation processors provide record-breaking performance rates and are the fastest, strongest processors available to the general public, as well as being energy-saving.

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