Tech talk: Haredim join the hi-tech world

In 2008, only 48,500 haredim were employed, but in 2014 this number rose to 101,000.

Haredim (photo credit: REUTERS/BAZ RATNER)
(photo credit: REUTERS/BAZ RATNER)
AxiomSL, an American hi-tech company that develops regulatory solutions for risk management in the global financial industry, will be inaugurating a new center of excellence in the Malha Technology Park in Jerusalem. The center, a collaboration between AxiomSL and the Economy Ministry, will train and help dozens of hi-tech workers from the haredi sector integrate into the working world. AxiomSL employs more than 500 people in 10 branches around the world.
A year ago, AxiomSL turned to Economy Ministry director- general Amit Lang to discuss the possibility of training and employing haredim in the hi-tech field. The Investment Promotion Unit and the Employment Bureau completed their groundwork and then joined forces with Mercaz Kivun, a program run by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Kemach Foundation, which guides and assists haredim as they join the hi-tech world. AxiomSL then began recruiting haredim who work in programming and quality control.
Finally, it became time for potential employees to be interviewed and screened. Individuals who were chosen are currently working at the Malha AxiomSL center.
AxiomSL founder and CEO Alex Tsigutkin will be attending the inauguration ceremony in Jerusalem, as will Lang and Jerusalem Development Authority CEO Eyal Haimovsky and a representative from the mayor’s office.
The Economy Ministry’s Research Administration has noted that in recent years there has been an increase in the number of haredi employees in the business sector. In 2008, only 48,500 haredim were employed, but in 2014 this number rose to 101,000. In addition, the survey showed that 96 percent of businesses that employ haredim recommend hiring haredi individuals.
If you’ve ever had the urge to snoop through someone else’s cellphone and read through their private correspondence, this is now possible with characters from TV shows.
The website Mako and digital app maker Go UFO have developed an app that turns your phone into the phones of characters from TV series.
The first series that was showcased is Foreign Player, which will be followed soon by Ido Rosenblum’s new show Omri Gordon.
The way it works is that when you’re watching a TV series on your phone, when there is a commercial break, or before it moves on to the next episode, viewers are directed to a site that enables them to get inside the cellphone of any of the main characters in the shows, including their Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts, so that you can read their private emails and click on links that lead to funny clips.
According to Go UFO CEO Eddie Goldenberg, the app was built so that viewers will feel like they’re looking at the real phones of these characters. This is the latest craze in the world of television, in which creators are excited to provide supplemental content for shows that people can access from their cellphones.
GetStocks, an online trading platform, has introduced new social features that enable new traders to track transactions made by more experienced investors. With a recent $8 million investment from venture-capital firm Singulariteam, headed by founder Moshe Hogeg, GetStocks allows novice traders to follow more experienced traders for a fee. Novice users get to watch how veteran investors operate, and they can even catch a glimpse of their personal portfolios.
“Accessibility and transparency are GetStocks’s core principles,” GetStocks cofounder and CEO Roy Shaham said. “For the first time, we are giving everyone the ability to leverage opportunities that exist in stock exchanges around the world and to take their financial situation into their own hands.”
“Beyond the value to the novice user, we have created a true marketplace for all types of investors, where trading performance is the critical factor,” he said. “Experienced investors are given a new revenue stream where their knowledge and success is rewarded.
Novice investors have access to the information necessary to help them choose the right investment path. It’s not just a new investor product; it’s changing the investment landscape.”
GetStocks puts emphasis on its platform’s ease of use and aims to attract new investors, as well as more experienced investors who already have existing investment portfolios. It focuses on removing any barriers that might be holding people back from investing in stocks by building up new users’ confidence and creating a service that is also comprehensive enough to attract experienced investors.
The GetStocks platform is extremely user friendly and was designed with investors’ needs in mind, all in an effort to make investing more enjoyable. For example, the platform offers: portfolio tracking, where users can directly pay other investors in exchange for peeking at their investment portfolios and their trading activities; portfolio copying, where users can allocate a specific amount of funds that will automatically copy other investors’ trades; and portfolio transparency performance, where new investors are exposed to more experienced traders’ transactions and long-term results. They can pick and choose which actions to copy and which investors they want to emulate.
GetStocks will soon be available for download on smartphones from Apple Store and Google Play.
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Translated by Hannah Hochner.