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Hemda Fridman has been appointed Compuware Product Manager for Matrix Israel. She will be responsible for promoting the company's products.

hemda fridman 88 298 (photo credit: Courtesy Photo)
hemda fridman 88 298
(photo credit: Courtesy Photo)
IT WAS a case of sweet revenge for real estate entrepreneur and developer Alfred Akirov when Jerusalem District Judge Yaacov Tsaban ordered the Jerusalem Municipality to pay compensation in excess of NIS 100 million to his company Alrov, for loss of revenues in the eight-year delay incurred in building the second phase of his Mamilla project. The delay resulted from the refusal by Carta, the municipality's company for the development of Mamilla, to approve the overall plan for a commercial center, which included a hotel, shopping mall and cinema complex. Carta found the cinema complex problematic in that there was a presumption that it would screen movies on the Sabbath. Akirov's assurances that there would be no violation of the Sabbath fell on deaf ears. Construction was resumed a couple of months back and is progressing at a rapid pace. Akirov said on the eve of the renewal of construction that the municipality had lost NIS 100 million in arnona revenue due to the suspension of work. Akirov plans to complete the project by Spring 2008, but judging by the speed with which the building is going up, it may be open for business well in advance of the date set by Akirov. BROTHER HAS announced the appointment of Boaz Langerman as Vice President Marketing and Sales in the business sector. brother, which specializes in instant printing solutions, enjoyed considerable growth in both the business and private sectors in 2005, and it is envisaged that Langerman will be able to continue this trend in the business sector. He will be responsible for the sales team in its relations with distributors, dealers and end consumers. Prior to joining Brother, Langerman spent eight years with Barak 013, moving up through the ranks, until his last position which was National Sales Manager for Strategic Clients. GREEN-BULL Investment House, a division of Israel Discount Bank has appointed Yoram Gershoni as deputy general manager of investments. Gershoni, 35, has had wide ranging experience in dealing with institutional and private investors and has held prestige positions with several capital market enterprises. AS TRAUMATIC as the security situation is for all residents of northern communities, the people who are being hit hardest are the proprietors of small businesses who, in less than a month, have seen their profits go up in smoke as regular customers disappeared and new ones failed to appear on the horizon. How do these businesses revitalize themselves once the guns are silent and the nation turns its attention to repairing the physical damage wrought by war? Solutions to a lot of the problems that are being and will be confronted by small businesses will be provided gratis by experts in many fields who have been recruited to contribute to the intensive workshop that begins today, Tuesday, at 9 a.m. at the Carmel Forest Hotel. The workshop is the brainchild of Ronen Veis, the principal of the Business College who approached Orange and the Isrotel Chain for assistance, which was readily given free of charge with a view to helping the economy of the North get back on its feet as quickly as possible. In addition to the various consultants who have been recruited, the Business College is making available its own academic team of experts in business strategies, marketing, sales, copywriting, graphics and public relations who will help participants develop ideas about how to best market their products and services. "ORACLE RECOGNIZES your value" the company's senior Regional Manager Ian Smith told Oracle Israel CEO Moshe Horev when he informed Horev of his appointment as a vice president of Oracle Corporation. The appointment is a tribute not only to Horev's personal efforts and achievements but also those of the Israel team - a factor that Horev pointed out in accepting his new position. Established in 1996, Oracle Israel focuses on marketing, sales, support, application, systems training, development tools, solutions and then some. Oracle is one of the world's largest suppliers of data management programs and records annual revenues in excess of $12 billion. AFTER A series of senior executive positions in hi-tech companies, most recently as head of the technical support group for sales to the European market for Sintech Media. Hemda Fridman has been appointed Compuware Product Manager for Matrix Israel. She will be responsible for promoting the company's products. MARKET CHANGES are causing some companies to tighten their belts and cut back on staff while others are going in the opposite direction. Partner appears to be in the latter category and is expanding its staff in order to deal with growing competition in the communications market. In this context, Zion Ginat, vice president customer services at Partner, has announced that Gil Rosenfeld will be joining the company's management team as deputy vice president in charge of the sales subdivision for the business sector. He joins two other deputy vice presidents Ami Brenner and Eli Glickman, who head other sales and service subdivisions.