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Before the launch of Operation Cast Lead, Beeper supplied 4,000 alarm systems to people so that they can quickly respond to the "Color Red" alarm.

Beeper 88 248 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Beeper 88 248
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TNUVA, WHICH this year celebrates its 80th anniversary, has announced a decision to have all its subsidiaries marketed by the same communications firm rather than farm them out among rival companies. All Tnuva marketing and public relations - and that of Adom Adom, Sunfrost, Tirat Zvi, Mama Of, Olivia, Tnuva Chef, Dagei Tnuva and others - will be handled by Shalmor Communications, headed by Irena Shalmor. Tnuva Dairy Products and some of the others have been handled by Shalmor for the past 13 years. Tnuva considered it strategically expedient for Shalmor to handle all of its food-product divisions. Tnuva spokeswoman Alona Arieli Lahav expressed appreciation to all the other communications companies that had been working with Tnuva's subsidiaries over the years. She said the decision to unite under Shalmor should not be interpreted as displeasure with any of the communications outfits with which Tnuva had worked in the past; it was simply a matter of strategic thinking and the possibility of better planning. GIVEN THE number of American food chains, such as Ben & Jerry's, Haagen Daaz, McDonald's and Domino's Pizza, along with bagel, pretzel, waffle, muffin and blintz products that have found their way to Israel, it would come as no surprise to find the world-famous New York City bagels displayed in the freezer of anyone's local supermarket. Bagels, cream cheese and lox are to be delivered to Washington for inaugural parties celebrating the arrival of the new occupant of the oval office, Barack Obama. Even before that happens, the New York State Young Democrats are hosting a pre-inaugural brunch on Monday at Washington's 18th Street Lounge. The building is the former mansion of US president Theodore Roosevelt, who also served as governor of New York State. The bagels, lox and deli will be trucked from Bagel Boss on First Avenue in Manhattan to the hundreds of young democrats and elected officials from across the United States who have indicated that they will attend this historic luncheon. For many, it will be the first time they experience a real New York bagel with a schmir, for which privilege they will fork out $25. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Autism United and Family Residences & Essential Services, which supports more than 3,000 disabled individuals across the tri-state area. WITH THE recession giving no indication of positive change in the foreseeable future, many business enterprises have to think of creative ways to keep up the flow of sales. Trade-ins are not a novelty, but there is something rather nice about knowing that you can get a fairly decent trade-in discount for your old living room or dining room suite that will make buying a replacement a more affordable proposition, while your old suite will go to a needy family. That's the deal that Beitili is offering. Stores in the chain will purchase your second-hand suite for NIS 2,000, providing that you buy a new one in its stead; they will donate their purchases to Koach Latet - Meir Panim, which provides furniture, furnishings, household goods and food to the needy. Better still, says Pini Goldstein, Beitili's vice president for trade and marketing, a company truck will pick up the old suite free of charge. Goldstein says Beitili is paying three times as much for the second-hand suites as prices quoted on various Internet sites. WHILE MANY business firms are downsizing, Ace Auto Depot is expanding and has invested NIS 4 million in the establishment of its 52nd store, which is located in Tiberius. During the first quarter of 2009, Ace plans to open yet another store in Kfar Saba at an investment of NIS 5m., and will then follow up with at least three more additional stores in other parts of the country. AVGAD IS spending half a million shekels on a bridal and evening jewelry campaign. Three models from the Yuli Agency, who bear very little physical resemblance to each other, will act as presenters. The new collection features both classic and extravagant designs to suit a variety of tastes, and includes a wide choice of bridal tiaras with matching necklaces. THERE'S a philosophy that states that if you give something away for nothing then it's not worth anything. But that's not always true. Many gifts of all kinds have been and will be bestowed on soldiers and on the civilian population in the South. Once calm has been restored, they will have had an opportunity to evaluate at least one product, and sometimes several, and may purchase upgraded versions because they were satisfied with the products' performance. Although that's not the reason that so many companies have been taking so many different things to the South, the marketing potential will be an afterthought once the war is over. There's little doubt that the people benefitting from the 15,000 beepers distributed by the Beeper company will certainly have a much more positive attitude toward Beeper, which has opened an early-warning center so that people who have these beepers in their possession will be alerted to a potential rocket attacks. Just before the launch of Operation Cast Lead, Beeper supplied 4,000 alarm systems to people to keep in their homes so that they can quickly respond to the "Color Red" alarm. Beeper is also working on solutions for the hearing-impaired. Beeper CEO Ilan Freedland says concern for people with impediments reflects an improved attitude on the part of Home Front Command.