What's in Store: Clean as a whistle

Aeroflex has special small pillows that are suitable for toddlers age one and up.

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If you want to clean your house before the upcoming holidays, you might consider doing this with environmentally friendly cleaning materials. Adama, a company known for its organic food products, now markets ecological cleaning products under the name Tidy. The products do not contain petrochemicals or optical whiteners, only elements that are biodegradable. Tidy offers 12 cleaning products: a floor cleaner, laundry detergent, laundry softener, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher soap, window cleaner, lime scale remover, all-purpose cleaner, whitening powder, and a grease remover. The grease-remover I tried didn't have the strong smell usually associated with these products, and it did a good job of cleaning off a dirty stovetop. You can find Tidy products in health food stores. Prices range from NIS 14.90 to NIS 44.90. Nikol is now offering its version of those convenient zip-lock storage bags that you can close in one movement, like a zipper. The bags come in two different sizes and are reusable. The bigger size can also be used to store kids' games, jewelry or items in your luggage, for example, in addition to food. The smaller bags are suitable for food items and have an aluminum back. The price for a package, containing 15 or 12 bags, is NIS 13. For kindergarten-age kids who have a birthday coming up, Prigat has a nice package containing some items you will need for a party. The birthday package contains a bottle of raspberry syrup, a kids' favorite, party invitations, balloons, cups and a birthday banner. The price for the package is NIS 12. Dr. Fischer has bubble bath soap for kids that has a bubble gum scent. The soap is pink and really does smell like the sweet bubble gum kids usually like - just make sure the little ones don't try to drink it! The bubble bath soap contains pro-Vitamin B5 to protect the skin, as well as moisturizers. A 500 ml. bottle of this pink soap, decorated with a picture of a hippo in a bathtub, is NIS 23. If you still want to enjoy floating in the pool or in the sea during the last days of summer or during the holidays, the inflatable mattress by Idan Camping, available at the Delek gas stations, is ideal. The mattress has a pillow-shaped top, and the rest is made of mesh fabric, allowing some water to seep through, so you get the feeling you're floating in water and not on plastic. This keeps your body cooler as well. The price of this mattress is NIS 59.90. Neka 7 has a very refreshing shampoo and conditioner for the warm weather, with a lemon-mint fragrance. The lemon provides Vitamin C, which prevents oxidation of the hair, especially after exposure to chlorine, sea water, and sun rays; the mint feels refreshing and gives the shampoo a pleasant smell. The price of a big 750 ml. bottle of lemon-mint shampoo or conditioner is NIS 17. If you have a cold, fever or a headache and have trouble falling asleep as well, Dexamol PM might be helpful. This medicine will help you sleep through the night peacefully, without the addictive effects of sleeping pills. A box containing 20 tablets is NIS 43.30. Life, the private brand of the SuperPharm chain, has new moist wipes that are a must when traveling with children. The wipes are decorated with amusing pictures of ladybugs, bees, chicks and flowers, and have a sweet, fruity scent. The wipes are handy to use at home, when traveling in the car or when playing with the kids in the park, for example. A package of 40 moist wipes for kids is NIS 8. Gillette has a new shaving gel or foam and deodorant that are especially suitable for men with sensitive skin. The Gillette Series Pure & Sensitive shaving foam and gel contains aloe and Vitamin E, which are soothing to the skin. The price for a 200 ml. bottle of gel is NIS 25; the same amount of foam costs NIS 18. The deodorant spray for sensitive skin comes in an unscented version and in a subtle "clean" fragrance. A 150 ml. spray bottle is NIS 20. During September, you will receive a 50 ml. bottle of Gillette Series aftershave for free when you buy two Gillette Series products. Aeroflex has special small pillows that are suitable for toddlers age one and up. The pillow is filled with soft latex flakes and is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. The pillow is said to give perfect support to a baby's neck and head. The Baby Aeroflex pillow costs NIS 149. Vitacombin is a soothing gel that can be used to heal skin that is sunburnt or has blisters, or after laser treatment or radiation therapy. The gel, containing aloe vera, Vitamin E, lavender oil and calendula flower extract, among others, provides moisturizers to red, irritated or burnt skin. The yellowish cream has a bit of a strong smell but it does indeed feel soothing. You must leave it on for at least 15 minutes after applying. A 200 ml. tube is NIS 63.50. Nuby has a new bottle for toddlers that looks almost like the water bottle we use when doing sports activities. This Nuby sports bottle has a silicone straw your toddler can sip from, and a valve on the inside of the cap prevents leaking. The sides of the bottle are covered with an anti-slip material for an easy grip. The price of this bottle is NIS 29.90. Hepi is offering two kinds of PVA chamois cleaning cloths - one for cleaning surfaces in the home and one for the car. Both cloths can be reused several times, as long as you keep them moist inside the special container that's provided with it. The cloth easily absorbs water, and leaves sinks or countertops shining. The cloth for use inside the house is NIS 14.90; the one for the car is NIS 24.90. Colgate has developed three different toothpastes for kids of different age groups. The toothpaste for toddlers aged up to two years contains a small amount of fluoride so as not to harm the baby teeth that are coming through; the toothpaste for kids aged 2-6 contains a little more fluoride; and the toothpaste for kids aged 6+ contains 0.1% of fluoride. The flavors of the toothpastes are soothing mint, mild mint and mint stars. A 50 ml. tube is NIS 14.