Forecast Highs: Weekends, 2007 style

As much as I enjoy playing with the latest gadgets, technology is invading my "off-line" home-life too.

amir mizroch 88 (photo credit: )
amir mizroch 88
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During the week, my time is taken over almost entirely by managing the devices and information I'm surrounded with at the office: e-mail, voice-mail, land-line and cellphone calls, PDA work, Internet, on-line newspapers, news alerts, faxes, news tickers on the desktop and TV, etc etc. On weekends I used to be able to relax, put my feet up and recover from the stresses of the week - listen to music, maybe watch some TV, some VOD, DVDs, a little YouTube, iFilm, meet up with friends, communicate with far-away friends - you know, regular stuff like that. In the past, I would have plenty of weekend time to play sports, go to the beach or babysit my niece. Now, as much as I enjoy playing with the latest gadgets, I find that, more and more, technology is invading my "off-line" home-life, as well. While you're relaxing with this weekend paper, this is what I'm probably doing: 1) Synching my iPod; making sure there are no replicated songs and files on iPod and iTunes 2) Decluttering my iTunes; making sure all my latest downloads are complete; adding files and folders to my Itunes from my download tool; searching for album artwork 3) Clearing finished and aborted transfers on Soulseek (my download tool) 4) Retrying locally queued, remotely queued, failed and banned transfers 5) Managing my Soulseek Wishlist 6) Defragging my computer; clearing cookies and temporary Internet files; clearing browsing history 7) Facebook: updating my status; sending Facebook Gift of the Day; approving, denying or ignoring group joining requests; approving, denying or ignoring new friend requests 8) Carrying out all of the above actions for my Friendster, Hi5 and MySpace accounts 9) Updating my LinkedIn recommendations and contact requests; making sure everyone on my LinkedIn groups is up-to-date; 10) Checking subscribed groups, e-mails lists, daily alerts, Google alerts, think-tank alerts; deleting after processing 11) Uploading new photos to Picasa; removing old photos so as not to reach the limit; doing this by saving the pictures on Yahoo photos, while making sure not to confuse them with existing albums; sending a notification and invitation to view albums to Yahoo friends list; adding Gmail friends list to Yahoo friends list so nobody is missed on photo album view invitations; adding latest relevant photos to Facebook; commenting on the pictures of those who commented on mine 12) Clearing out my Office Outlook (pc-based and Webmail) and private Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail 13) Clearing my cellular phone SMS, replying to those I haven't replied to and deleting; deleting sent messages and draft messages 14) Synching PDA with outlook 15) Doing laundry, cleaning the house, visiting granny Sorry Gran.