Tips for Entrepreneurs: The next level

People who are content where they are don’t read about how to improve themselves. But you? You’re different.

Money (photo credit: Wikicommons)
(photo credit: Wikicommons)
We’ve all heard the terms so many times before: “Get to the next level,” or the more assertive, “Take it to the next level.” It’s a phrase understood across all cultures and societies. Whether it’s a game you are playing, a religious (or cult!) expression for going higher up or a business buzz phrase doesn’t matter. The intent and objective is the same-every person wants to move forward and upward to reach greater and greater success.
No matter who we are, what level we’re currently at, we all aspire to something more. I meet these people all the time. They are just like you and me. When they go to sleep at night they think to themselves, “The whole world may think I’m super person but really I’m just me!” The biggest professor in neurosurgery on the planet wants to get to the next level (I’m not sure what that would be – getting a third Nobel prize for medicine when you already have two?) just as desperately as you. If you are reading this, you too want to move up, do better and succeed.
People who are content where they are don’t read about how to improve themselves. But you? You’re different.
Do you want to get ahead? To rise? To succeed? To get to the next level? Of course you do! I’m telling you that all you have to do is upgrade the people you deal with to a more qualified group and you will. Do this by meeting and networking with people who are serious about their business.
Do you do mortgages on apartment buildings? Start spending your time meeting the bigger, serious players in real estate, not just the odd man out who happens to have a building he inherited from an uncle. He has no plans to grow in that industry. He is just using his inheritance to help make ends meet. Find people who, like you, want to take it to the next level.
When you associate and network with people who are on the level you aspire to you begin to evolve. You grow. You begin to see that next level as it approaches! Are you going to an industry networking event? If you’re not, you should be.
While you’re there, network – especially during speeches you find irrelevant or boring. Make time to meet the speakers and event organizers, because that is how at the next event these folks do, you can come as a speaker and not just a participant.
That’s how you “take it to the next level.”
With the advent of technologies like LinkedIn, you can find, at no expense and little risks, people who are a step if not several above you that you can reach out to and meet. Even among those using LinkedIn, few understand how to harness its true power. Acting now, no matter what industry you are in or what you do for a living, you can dominate LinkedIn if you’re willing to take your networking skills up to a new level.
If you’re not ready to network with strangers, then create a web presence for who you are and what you or your company does that shows you in the best possible light – don’t write that you are scared of heights or that you have, on rare occasion, fallen asleep in your clothes or missed an important appointment – unless they’re part of a funnier story with a point to make about how it resulted in a big win.
Do talk about your experiences, drive, background and whatever else helps the reader get a feel for who you are and what you do. Help them understand how they will benefit from knowing you. Give them solutions and tips. Make them interested in your services and working with you without selling them or pitching to them even once.
Force yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and attend networking functions and industry events. Email strangers that you think will benefit from knowing you, they will get to know you for somewhat of a blend (if they meet you in person) between your persona describing the inner you and the person they met.
And as time goes on and you become comfortable meeting people and see that they really do want to talk to you, you will actually lose some of the fears and phobias that are holding you back in business and from meeting people and getting things done.
At that point you really will feel like the super person they read about...
Because that’s the real you, right this second as you read this! You have the drive, the knowledge, the expertise and the skill to go out there and get exactly what you have the aspirations for.
Just be willing to upgrade your destructive behaviors and get moving, starting... Now.
Welcome to the next level!