Histadrut threatens new general strike

"If there no breakthrough in meeting with the Finance Ministry over contract workers, we’ll ask to strike."

Histadrut chair Ofer Eini at Labor Court_311 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Histadrut chair Ofer Eini at Labor Court_311
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
The Histadrut today announced that if there was no breakthrough in Wednesday’s meeting with the Ministry of Finance over contract workers, it will on Monday ask National Labor Court President Nili Arad for permission to renew its general strike.
Attending the meeting were Histadrut Chairman Ofer Eini, Budget Director Gal Hershkowitz, and Economic Organization Liaison Bureau chairman Shraga Brosh.
Arad had ordered the parties back to the negotiating table until the end of January, and to periodically update her on the talks’ progress.
The Histadrut contends there has been a retreat in the talks due to the lack of a practical threat of a new strike.
“I hope that on Monday there will be movement in the positions of the Finance Ministry and employers, so that we can begin formulating a position and see the start of direct employment of contract workers. If that does not happen, there will be no choice but to ask to renew the strike,” said Eini. “I hope that this time, the court will understand the need for the strike threat to achieve a breakthrough.”
The Histadrut declared a labor dispute on the issue of contract workers in early October. It is demanding minimizing the use of contract workers through their direct employment at their place of work. The negotiations with the Finance Ministry have been deadlocked since early November.
The Histadrut launched a general public sector strike, but the Labor Court restricted it to just four hours.
The court has rejected the Histadrut’s repeated petitions to renew the strike to pressure the Finance Ministry and employers.