Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter to President-elect Shimon Peres in which he stated that terrorists betray humanity, the fundamentals of the spirit and of ethics, that are vital for achieving peace, Israel Radio reported on Saturday. In the letter - which comes a day before Peres is to be sworn in as Israel's president - the pope said millions of people around the world, especially Israel's citizens, continue to encourage governments in the region to do all that is possible to achive peace and stbalitiy. The pope expressed hope that Peres would succeed in infuenceing other regional leaders to advance peace. Accorign to Israel Radio, Peres has received hundreds of telegarams over the past week congratulating him on his newly aquired position, inlucing messages from Jordainian King Abdullah, US President George W. Bush, Russian President … and Morroco's king, who sent a special envoy.