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Blogging Birthright: Expanding perspectives Waiting for Adam, the North American Director of the Shorashim group, I sat in the lobby of the Hotel Shalom for half an hour waiting to meet up with my birthright trip. I asked about half a dozen men if they were Adam. I was assigned to cover the Shorashim Taglit-birthright israel's meeting with the Young Israeli Forum and a lecture by "some guy whose name I have to find in my notes." Hundreds of 20-somethings poured into the lobby as I sat reading a book of poetry. They wore khaki shorts, sneakers with white ankle socks and chatted loudly. In fact, I heard them about five minutes before I saw anyone from the group. I had the same experience at the Old City on Friday night. Echoing throughout the ancient alleys were loud, exuberant English speakers who broke into Hebrew songs every few minutes. Read the rest of this blog »
Taglit-birthright israel is back in action. Remember your trip with birthright? Do you want to share your experiences with the world? is giving you the opportunity to send in your stories from birthright and have them posted on the site. Tell us how birthright changed your life! Did you move to Israel? Do you plan to? Meet the love of your life? Expand your horizons? Develop an intense love of the desert? We want to know! Do you have amazing photos? Send them too! Feel free to write up to 550 words, in any style you like. Send your stories to My Birthright. (Please include your name and location in your entry) Read other entries »