JPost's News Editor: Yediot vs. Maariv

What's interesting to me is the media angle here: Yediot's story came a day after a banner headline in its main competitor Ma'ariv, which first carried the letter by the battalion commanders calling on Olmert to resign.

amir mizroch-88 (photo credit: )
amir mizroch-88
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Yediot vs Ma'ariv Posted by Amir Mizroch If it wasn't so sad it would be funny. Yesterday's front page banner headline in Yediot Aharonot read: "Sources close to Olmert: This is anarchy! The battalion commanders have crossed a red line". The subheadline was: "In a normal country they would be dismissed. If the battalion commanders had fought as hard during the war as they are fighting now to depose Olmert, maybe our situation in the war wouldn't have been so bad". Read the rest of this blog To read more JPost blogs click here » Previous entries on the Guest Blog * * *
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