Letters from Yale: 'It's more than just literature, right?'

Just as the Greeks gave the world the Iliad and the Odyssey, and the Romans offered the Aeneid. so too, the Jews - as the modern State of Israel's own Declaration of Independence declares - "gave to the world the eternal Book of Books."

Noah Lawrence (photo credit: )
Noah Lawrence
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'It's more than just literature, right?' A small sentence; a big controversy. At a coffee shop with a friend of mine, a young Orthodox rabbi, I have just retreated to my hot chocolate, having mentioned my English class this semester: "The Bible as Literature." He asks me this question in response: "It's more than just literature, right?" His bottled-up delight makes me think of a middle school boy whispering a secret to his best friend, saying, "Come on, everyone else can think what they want, but we know the truth ... " and then, at the last minute fearing his friend might not still be on board, " ... right?" Now, fast forward by just three hours, change the scene by a mere two city blocks, and switch the philosophy 180°. Read the rest of this blog
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