The Road Ahead: The immensity of the social gap

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ophir paz pines blog 88 (photo credit: )
ophir paz pines blog 88
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The immensity of the social gap The annual report from the Adva Center for Equality and Social Justice has disappeared from the public agenda as fast as lightning. The deepening of social gaps in Israel is being received with indifference, and is failing to stir those in power out of their tranquility. The impressive achievements of the Israeli economy in recent years has not been felt by all. The state of Israel holds the dubious title of having the highest income gaps in the Western world, a fact which suggests that the weakest elements of society are not benefiting from the fruits of the economic prosperity. Moreover, the income gap between the top tenth percentile and those in the lower percentiles is reaching new heights, characteristic of the third world, and significantly eroding the economic status of the middle class. The report clearly suggests a dangerous phenomenon whereby the main benefactors from the growth in the market are primarily employers and directors. Read the rest of this blog »
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