West of Delancey: Hamas, Iran and the Holocaust

Genocide cannot be carried out by a few people - it takes a village and a mindset of a whole nation to create an Auschwitz.

rabbi marvin hier 88 (photo credit: )
rabbi marvin hier 88
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Hamas, Iran and the Holocaust Even though the Second World War ended more than 62 years ago, new secrets keep coming out. One of them, in a new book to be published in August, Taping Hitler's Generals, tells the amazing story of how the British Secret Service taped the conversations of high-ranking Nazi generals that were captured and in British custody during WWII. The transcripts of the conversations go to the heart of the question - Was the German Army - the Wehrmacht complicit with Hitler's war crimes against the Jews? At Nuremberg, an historic distinction was made on the question of culpability. The judges decided that those who were members of the SS, Gestapo, and SD were automatically adjudicated as belonging to criminal organizations, while the Wehrmacht escaped such general classification. While a few high-ranking German generals such as Alfred Jodl, Chief of Operations of the German Army and Wilhelm Keitel, Chief of Staff of the Wehrmacht were convicted of war crimes and hanged at Nuremberg, they were the exceptions to the rule. Most of the leadership of the German Army escaped charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The premise being that the "Final Solution" against the Jews was carried out by police organizations under secret orders from Hitler, Himmler, and Senior SS leaders, without the knowledge of the Army command. But the new British intercepts of high-ranking German generals, that were held in Trent Park in North London, blur that distinction. Read the rest of this blog »
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