Muslim agenda: Make change from within

Is infiltrating America’s basic infrastructures another tool being used by radical Muslims to eventually destroy America?

Earl Cox 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Earl Cox 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
In an article buried in a small-town American newspaper in Nebraska, I read some time ago about a labor walkout at a major meatpacking plant. The fact that there was a labor walkout is not what caught my eye but, rather, the makeup of the labor force.
The report stated they were Muslims from Somalia. Yes, Muslims from Somalia make up the bulk of the labor force at this meat-packing, food-processing plant located in the heartland of America. What was equally surprising was the issue at hand: the demand to have adequate time off from the conveyor belt and production line for daily prayers to Allah. Demanding time off during work hours to pray to their god marks them as faithful Muslims. As we have discussed before, what is the expressed goal of all faithful (Koran-obedient) Muslims? It is to conquer Israel and America and eliminate all “infidels.”
So, as far as Muslims are concerned, if you are not worshipping Allah, you are an infidel. The idea of those who want to kill you handling and processing the food you bring to the table is more than a little unsettling. Muslims who come to America should do so because they appreciate what America stands for and the foundational beliefs upon which our forefathers built this great nation. They should be satisfied to abide by the established rules, political structure, judicial system and social order — and not try to bring about change to fit their personal beliefs, especially when that change alters the lives of others who are non-Muslim. After all, there are few companies that would allow people of any religion to take a daily prayer break (outside of regular break times, that is), much less several of them.
If devout Muslims do not want to fit in with American society, they should find another country which is more to their liking. Instead, what they are attempting to do is change America from within using our own system against us. Since both radical and moderate Muslims subscribe to the teachings of the Koran (which dictates strict adherence as being absolutely essential to their faith), all non-Muslim countries should carefully examine their procedures and safeguards in all industries which affect public health.  We must be vigilant in safeguarding our external points of possible weakness such as borders and airports, but we must also be vigilant in protecting those internal areas which touch our everyday lives such as our food supply and our health care system.
It is clear that the Muslim population is increasing in America and around the world. There is much talk about Muslims wanting to bring about change from within, even to the point of importing their system of Sharia law.  The question begs to be asked, “Is infiltrating America’s basic infrastructures another tool being used by radical Muslims to eventually destroy America?” Let’s not take lightly the protection of our food supply in America, especially when those working in the processing plants subscribe to the evil belief that all who do not worship Allah must be eliminated — and that this is the righteous and religious duty of all Muslims.