Christians United for Israel: The Rising Generation

Our students are diverse in their views of US politics, but they are united in their support for Israel in her battle for existence.

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For pro-Israel students, college campuses can be a very lonely place. Many of their professors teach them that Israel is the great monster of our times. Many of their fellow students protest an Israel they claim is the new South Africa at best, and a modern Nazi Germany at worst. All of the genocides and massacres and tyrannies of our day are often ignored. But Israel's every action is protested with an outrage out of all proportion to reality. Earlier this year, we in CUFI decided that we needed to do something to help change the climate on our campuses. This led to the launch of our college initiative -- CUFI on Campus -- a few short months ago. Our goal is expand the number of Christian college students standing up for Israel and to support them in their efforts. And our hope is that these Christian friends will, in turn, be a source of encouragement and support for the Jewish pro-Israel students who too often find themselves standing for Israel all alone. Under the leadership of CUFI on Campus Director Andrew Summey, this program is already bearing much fruit. In fact, at our DC Summit next month we are going to be joined by over 200 CUFI on Campus student delegates. These delegates are a spirited, dedicated and impressive bunch. Many of them are leaders on their campuses. Some run the campus Republicans, while others lead the campus Democrats. Our student delegates have been active in supporting McCain, Obama and Clinton. They are diverse in their views of American politics and the world. But they are united in their support for Israel in her battle for existence. As we stand for Israel today, we must begin investing in the next generation. Now is our time to make sure that Israel remains central in the hearts and minds of America's future leaders. For more of Brog's Blog, please visit Previous entries: Happy birthday, Israel The truth about John Hagee Words are more powerful than weapons National Incompetence Estimate Full steam ahead A setback on Iran Annapolis Arrives A Year to go? No picnics in Gaza Constant Vigilance The fate of the Sunday People