Israel Always: Formula for disaster

Americans must remember that change effects everything.

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I am an American Christian. I love my country and I also love Israel. I embrace the principles upon which America's founding fathers established our democratic system of government and I fully embrace Judeo-Christians values. This past November the American people elected a new president. Everyone was looking for 'change, change and more change.' I was one of them but the change I was looking for was a thread of hope that someone seeking the Office of President of the United States would openly declare support for Israel recognizing that this tiny democracy is America's only friend and ally in the Middle East and right now we need all the friends we can get. Sadly, I cannot say that I found what I was looking for - hoping for. Senator McCain said, "America needs a new direction." Senator Obama, who is now President Obama, said America needs "fundamental change." Does America need change? Absolutely but change solely for the sake of change is not necessarily good or right. What seems to be lacking in America is a clear understanding of where the new administration wants this "change" to take this nation. Do the American people want their country and their traditional Judeo-Christians to be "changed" or redefined? New plans and new ideas require a careful weighing of the pros and the cons. This is essential in any successful business plan and it should also be the core process upon which the American government implements and manages itself on the micro and macro levels. A shotgun approach to problem solving is not an acceptable technique yet it seems to be the only plan in place for addressing the current financial crisis in America and the current political situation in the Middle East. Americans must remember that what happens in America is not confined to American shores. The ripple effects or, as is the case with the current economic crisis, the full force of the mighty tsunami, impacts the entire world. The same is true with the situation in the Middle East. What happens in that part of the world eventually impacts us all. "Change" eventually affects everything from the price of oil to the price of freedom. As a super power, America has a responsibility to the world to act carefully and responsibly. America's leaders must have a clearly defined and solid platform from which to launch any change in America and any plan for peace for Israel and the Middle East. Change simply for the sake of change is risky business if America wants to hold fast to the Bible based values articulated by America's founding fathers in their charter documents; part of which guarantee Americans the benefit of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." In the beginning, America possessed a common, solid foundation upon which its societal norms and practices were based and they date back thousands of years to teachings found in ancient Hebrew texts. At one time America proclaimed to be "one nation under God" as stated in the Pledge of Allegiance and "in God we trusted" as stated on America's dollar bills. From where did this idea of a country and a people centered on the worship of God come from? It came from the ancient Hebrew Scriptures but America is changing; moving away from those fundamental values which were the glue of our society and no one is saying a word. It is the same in Israel. While there is much "religion" in America just as in Israel, where are the hearts of the people? Have we grown cold? Have we turned away from God in favor of man's ideas and manmade institutions and doctrines? At one time the American people placed a premium upon individual as well as corporate honesty, integrity, truthfulness and hard work. America's educational system taught students to study hard and learn well in order to secure independent and successful futures not only for their personal benefit but in order to be contributing members to society as a whole. Somewhere along the way America began to go astray. America's vision as a nation has become blurred. It seems there is no longer a common thread uniting American society. That great "melting pot" quit blending and instead began to separate and solidify into polarizing elements. Did this happen overnight? No. Like a lobster being boiled alive which has no idea it is about to die, America's decline has been gradual and is now partially manifesting itself in the current economic crisis. Greed and a "me first" attitude have slowly chipped away at America's foundational values of fairness, honesty and personal integrity. No longer is a person's word their bond. No longer is a handshake as binding as a signature on a contract and no longer is a good reputation valued above the possession of glitter the world has to offer. The true measure of a person's (or a nation's) character is not what is done when people are watching but rather what is done when no one is looking. What does this say for so many of America's (and Israel's) elected officials and those corporate CEOs "managing" Wall Street's financial markets? America now has a new president and Israel now seems to have a new prime minister. Change is taking place around the world and not just in terms of new leadership. Islam is rising at a phenomenal rate threatening to unravel the very fabric of every nation and country which has traditionally held fast to faith in God - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If America continues to stray from the basic, fundamental, Judeo-Christian values upon which she was established, the rise of Islam will soon be apparent in every neighborhood in America and when this happens the fundamental freedoms that Americans enjoy will be changed forever and American support for Israel will dwindle to zero. Israel is on the front lines in the world's war of terror and America owes this tiny nation nothing less than our full support not only because God says we should but because it is the right thing for all who love freedom and democracy. Strength is the only card recognized when dealing with Arabs at the peace table. Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of Israel to the world.' He is also the founder of Israel Always Previous entries: a href="" target="_blank">UN bias against Israel Good News? Who's kidding who? Time is of the essence Who Would be the Best Next President of the United States? Why All The Optimism? 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