Test Yourself

Are you on Jewish Time?

Moons  (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Well, are you?
Jewish leap years are so much fun. They’re even more fun than the civil calendar because we get an extra month, not just a day! Test yourself to see if you are in sync with Jewish time.
1. On average the moon revolves around the Earth every: a. 29 days b. 29 ½ days c. Whenever it takes my Mom less than 30 minutes to say goodbye when she leaves a party.
2. The leap month is called: a. Adar Beit b. Adar Alef c. The Frog.
3. In a year with two “Adar’s”, which month is the “real” one: a. Adar Alef b. Adar Beit c. I always keep it real; ask Eminem.
4. How many lunar months are there in a solar calendar? a. 12 lunar months b. 12.4 lunar months c. I’ll have to check my iPhone.
5. What does “fixing” Rosh Hoshanah mean? a. Breaking in to the synagogue to erase the ‘h’ at the end of ‘Hoshanah’ b. Moving it a day forward or backwards so it won’t fall on Shabbat c. Fixing Rosh Hashanah is blasphemy. It’s fine as it is. What a self-hating Jew you are for suggesting otherwise!
6. The number of days is always the same between:
a. I think it’s between Kislev and Cheshvan
b. Are you kidding me? Nissan and Tishri
c. Pre Christmas sales and post Christmas sales.

7. When showing your love to your other half, you choose the date of:
a. Usually February 14, but I know of a Jewish date also
b. Tu B’av and February 14. Twice the love, and twice the presents!
c. Why should I always show my love? I want to be the one who is shown a little love!
If you answered “A,” to most questions, then you are almost in sync with Jewish time. Do a little more studying.
If you answered “B,” to most questions, then you are in sync with Jewish time and probably your Bubbe’s favorite grandchild.
Way to go! If you answered “C,” to most questions, you are not at all in sync with Jewish time so update your iPhone.
But you are sort of funny!