Gantz sends Remembrance Day message to soldiers

The IDF Chief of Staff sends message of support for bereaved families and of confidence in IDF's combat-readiness.

Benny Gantz new 370 (photo credit: Courtesy Defense Ministry)
Benny Gantz new 370
(photo credit: Courtesy Defense Ministry)
In a message sent to all soldiers, and which was read out at military memorial ceremonies across Israel on Sunday, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz vowed to continue support for all bereaved families, and said that the military will continue to operate near and far to defend Israelis from hostile threats.
"Today, on Remembrance Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism, the Israeli nation unites in pain and esteem around the fallen," Gantz said. 
"We'll strengthen the bereaved families, members of the IDF family, in their difficult and ongoing struggle with the loss of their loved ones. On Remembrance Day, as at all times, we hug them and offer them our hand and a shoulder to lean on, to ease things for them and to assist as much as we can. This is our obligation to them. This is the will of the lives and deaths of our brothers, the fallen," he added.
"For 65 years, Israel has had to fight and win. Every generation in its turn carries Israel's security on its shoulders. And every generation in its turn, to our heart's sorrow, is missing in its ranks the fallen IDF soldiers. Every war exacts from us a painful price in blood," said the chief of staff.
But against an enemy that seeks to harm our civilians and our country, an enemy that has not come to terms with our existence in the Land of Israel, we have no other choice, but to fight and win," Gantz continued.
Israel is facing changing and developing threats around it, and the IDF is prepared to act, he warned.
"Our eyes look out to our borders and far beyond them, and we operate day and night, in every sphere and place where must operate, in order to safeguard the state's security, its sovereignty, and its civilians. We'll continue to pursue those who seek our harm, we'll continue to report for duty, prepared and determined, to defend the state of Israel," said Gantz.