IAF strikes suspected Palestinian terrorist in central Gaza Strip

Strike critically wounds Abdallah Kharti, a member of the Popular Resistance Committees who took an active role in rocket attacks.

IDF strikes targets in Gaza (photo credit: COURTESY IDF SPOKESMAN'S OFFICE)
IDF strikes targets in Gaza
The Israel Air Force and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) launched a targeted strike on a Palestinian terrorist who has been behind a spate of rocket and border attacks on Israel on Sunday, critically injuring the man as he rode on a motorbike.
Abdallah Kharti, a member of the Popular Resistance Committees, and who is affiliated with a global jihadi network, took an active role in the planning and execution of rocket attacks, including ones that have targeted Eilat, according to security forces.
“The IDF acted to remove an immediate threat on the citizens of the State of Israel,” the army said in a statement.
“Precision munitions combined with advanced intelligence enable us to strike terrorists like Kharti while they attempt to use Hamas’s Gaza as a haven for their hostilities,” an IDF official added.
“Gaza terrorists will not be immune to launch these cross-border attacks at Israeli civilians.”
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu related to the IAF strike at the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting, and said that Israel’s policy was clear and simple: those who strike Israel, or intend to do so, will be hit hard in return.
“Our resolute policy against terrorism may be summed up in a single principle: Whoever attacks us or plans to attack us will bear the consequences,” he said Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said the terrorist hit by the IDF had been involved in attacks and rocket fire against Israel, noting that Eilat had been a target.
“We will not tolerate the disruption of the lives of our citizens, and we will act decisively against anyone who harms or tries to harm the State of Israel,” Ya’alon said.
“We will pursue with determination every terrorist operative who tries to harm the security of Israeli citizens, and we’ll cause him to pay a very heavy price.
“We see Hamas as being responsible for what occurs in the Gaza Strip, and if it does not know how to enforce its authority in its territory, we will know how to exact a price from it, too,” Ya’alon said.